Wear Well Soutien


The main issue is that the whole chest fills the interior of the bra cup

1st. Pass your arms through the shoulder straps to keep the bra hanging on the shoulders. Use both hands to hold the cups.
2nd. Tilt his body slightly forward in order to allow the two breasts fit fully inside of the cups. Then tighten the bracket behind.
3rd. Adjust the shoulder straps so that both are parallel, pull the side part of the breast into the cup.

When wearing a bra with closure in the front, move both arms by the handles, pull down the sides from the back and tighten it. Don’t forget to check:

- If you're too tight underneath your chest? Is the central point fixed?
- Is the space at the neckline too loose? - Is it the right size cup?
- Are the straps too loose or tight?
-Is the bracket back in a parallel position?