Wear Well Body


The Body is a piece of underwear that shapes your silhouette. Therefore, it should be worn upwards.

1st. Unloose the bracket and dress the body as dressing one panty, rising it to the waist.
2nd. Pull the cup to the bottom of the bust. Put your arms through the straps.
3rd. Fit the breasts into the cups. Adjust the straps to your shoulders.
4th. When the whole body is dressed, slowly pull the bracket until it snaps into the bottom of the thighs.
5th. Adjust the straps on the back so that both are parallel from the front to the back, and that the body is well settled in your shoulders.

Don’t forget to check out:
- Is it too tight in the neck?
- The body fits right under the bust?
- Is it very wide in the waist?
- Is the body too tight at the bottom? Does the body give you freedom to move?
- Are the straps tight or loose?
- It feels comfortable on the hips?