How to Choose

How to choose your bra.

What is, to be feminine?

A pretty nice face, followed by some well-defined body curves? We women know well that it is much more than that.
But to be feminine with the clothes we wear is to use something that may reveal its unique personality and express in a living way the finer points of your body.

To give a touch of glamour and charm to your look is necessary to understand the technique of using underwear. To achieve your ideal silhouette, don’t use small underwear to show its elegance. Rather, it will reveal the weakest aspects of your body and ruin your appearance. The underwear is used to adjust the profile of your body, not to correct your silhouette.

A piece of underwear should be more than just comfortable and allow your freedom to move, This aids your profile showing your curves, while it shows totally the real beauty of your body.

Choose the right size.

Ideally, ask in your store to help you measure. This is because you should be naked belly up, or semi-naked, with your back straight. The measure tape should be in the horizontal position, adjusted to your body, without being too loose or tight, to measure BUST, BUST DOWN, WAIST and HIPS.

The size also changes accordingly to the age and with the season, especially between winter and spring, and between summer and autumn. We always advise you to check the measurements taken before buying.

Measurement Positions

BUST - at the most elongated point of the breast
BELOW THE BUST - underneath where the breast begins
WAIST - the smaller part of the dorsum
HIP - the widest part of the hip

Try it

When choosing underwear, the measurement is only for your reference, given the difference in cut, style and material of each part, even when the size is the same, these can suit you otherwise. While experimenting, watch in the mirror:
- The front, back and side;
- Arms agility, tight body in the front and back

Don’t check the feeling of being dressed only standing still, but moving as well. Only after that you’ll feel if the underwear really fits comfortable and naturally.

Underwear Sizes

Measure your body: