Take care of your clothes

Take care of your lingerie

Its conservation begins at time of purchase


  • We must take into account the quality / price ratio, the desired function for the part (everyday or special occasion), and the fact that it is something that will be in direct contact with the skin.


  • The raw materials used by the Figfort are of high quality, which justify our costumers’ loyalty to the brand (durability).


Use / Wearability


  • We must buy the right size, avoiding too tight pieces that cause unaesthetic effects. The underwear should gently shape the silhouette and not leave marks.


Also be aware to the fact that a clothing item undergone a large stretching causes the material to deform and lose its resilience, not returning to its original shape.

The clothing pieces of Figfort, are designed and engineered to be used in the recommended size. If you do not buy the right size, this causes the fibers to stretch and easier detriment of the pieces in the aesthetical level and less attractive silhouettes.