• The undergarments require very frequent washings, and as such, washing methods chosen are crucial to the longevity of the piece.


  • The Figfort advises washing the pieces carefully by hand and not to use detergent directly on the pieces (dissolve in water) and only then dip the pieces. We also use detergents without bleach to prevent discoloration.


  • Wash light colors separately from dark colors starting with the lightest to avoid dyes.


  • However, due to lack of time and often patience, we tend to wash the pieces in the washing machine. In these cases we must put the pieces within specific bags, always half full, and wash following the label instructions, putting the pieces with metal rim and rimless adornment parts separately. Thus also protect the washing machine (rim to get loose).


  • Brackets must be tight to prevent friction damage on mesh or lace


  • Don’t use high temperatures which damage the tissues and often shrink the pieces, resulting in pieces often permanently deformed and damaged.


Use a gentle program at 30/40º.